Algorithmic Trading

Deutsche Börse adds Singapore to algo news feed

Deutsche Börse is making its algorithmic news feed, AlphaFlash, available in two data centres in Singapore and adding macroeconomic data from China, Japan and Australia, as part of an ongoing rollout in Asia-Pacific.

AlphaFlash is designed to deliver low-latency, machine-readable economic indicators from North America, Europe, and, from January 2011, Asia-Pacific. Data content includes central bank interest rate decisions, employment numbers, housing statistics and gross domestic product figures.

Economic events from China, Japan and Australia will be added from 3 January 2011. The new data content covers indicators such as CPI, industrial output, FX reserves, money supply, employment figures and GDP, increasing the number of indicators to 240. Data sources are the respective country's central banks, the national statistics office and government institutions.

In Singapore, AlphaFlash will be hosted in the Kim Chuan and Comcentre III data centres, both operated by Asian telecoms firm SingTel Group. AlphaFlash subscribers can choose between several different regional data packages – for example US, Canada, Europe or Asia-Pacific, and do not have to subscribe to all data packages simultaneously.

Georg Gross, head of front office data and analytics at Deutsche Börse, commented that the increasing importance of algorithmic trading in Asia combined with the region's impact on the rest of the world were the driving factors behind the expansion of the firm's data feeds into the region.

“The Asian data centres allow our clients to integrate AlphaFlash directly into their local trading applications,” he said. “Algo traders all over the world are looking for ultra-fast access to economic data from Asia, as important releases from the region impact major markets across the globe.”

Deutsche Börse has been preparing the expansion of AlphaFlash to the region since the launch of the feed in April 2010. Data centres in Sydney and Tokyo were connected in November, while AlphaFlash is also available in Chicago, Secaucus (New Jersey), Washington DC, Frankfurt and London. Further expansion is planned for 2011.