Algorithmic Trading

Deutsche Börse brings algo news feed to Australia

Deutsche Börse has launched its algorithmic news feed, AlphaFlash, for Asia-Pacific markets via a data centre in Sydney, Australia.

AlphaFlash is designed to deliver more than 175 machine-readable economic indicators from the US, Canada and Europe at millisecond speeds. Data content includes central bank interest rate decisions, employment figures, housing statistics and GDP figures.

The offering is hosted in the Equinix Sydney International Business Exchange and can be accessed by other financial companies and trading firms that currently operate there. A version of the product that includes macroeconomic data from Asia-Pacific is currently being tested and is scheduled to go into production in 2011.

“The Australian market has an active algo trading community with several buy- and sell-side firms looking for machine-readable news for their trading applications,” said Georg Gross, head of front office data and analytics at Deutsche Börse, adding that this was the reason the firm had chosen Sydney as the starting point for its expansion into the Asia-Pacific region.

“Equinix is seeing a lot of growth in the trading community,” added David Wilkinson, senior director, business development at Equinix. “For these kind of customers, the fastest possible access to news and data, combined with the lowest possible latency is paramount to their competitiveness and to reducing risk.”

Deutsche Börse plans to launch further AlphaFlash data centres in Asia later this year and in early 2011. The exchange also purchased a minority stake in French trading software and consulting firm ID Solutions, as part of an effort to increase pre-trade transparency for institutional investors, in November 2010.