Algorithmic Trading

Deutsche Börse targets high-speed traders with algo news feed

German exchange group Deutsche Börse has released AlphaFlash, a new machine-readable data feed for macroeconomic news releases that can be used to feed electronic trading applications.

AlphaFlash uses 150 economic indicators from the US, Canada and Europe as data triggers that can be used to feed algorithmic trading strategies as soon as news is made public. The economic indicators include central bank decisions, employment figures, inflation numbers and gross domestic product data. The information is delivered via Deutsche Börse’s low-latency network.

The new product is the first joint offering from the exchange’s market data and analytics segment and US financial news agencies Need To Know News (NTKN) and Market News International (MNI), which both became entities of the Deutsche Börse Group in 2009.

Following the completion of the NTKN purchase, Rainer Riess, managing director, Xetra market development, Deutsche Börse, told that the acquisitions of NTKN and MNI would allow the exchange to improve its offering for high-frequency traders.

“High-frequency traders need swift information on macro market news, and the demand for machine-readable news to provide faster access to reliable and transparent information has increased in line with this,” said Riess in December. “Now we have MNI to provide the content, and NTKN to convert this news so it can be fed directly into algorithmic trading machines.”