Algorithmic Trading

Dow Jones widens corporate data set for HFT news feed

Information services provider Dow Jones has broadened the company data available on its Corporate Elementized News Feed, which it says will help high-frequency traders achieve better trading performance.

Dow Jones' Corporate Elementized News Feed is a computer-readable, low-latency feed built for high-frequency trading that delivers corporate data on a range of firms globally.

The expanded news feed now incorporates ”news catalysts' from corporate earnings reports, which Dow Jones describes as key data points that extend beyond standard earnings per share and revenue figures, in order to provide traders with a deeper insight into the prospects of a company. The news catalysts were selected by editors and global financial markets experts at Dow Jones.

The firm claims that such information has not previously been consistently or reliably delivered to the market in a way that suits high-speed news feeds.

“With more data, traders can build smarter algorithms and gain a competitive advantage for trades executed during normal market hours and after-hours trading that revolves around earnings events,” said Rob Passarella, vice president of institutional markets at Dow Jones. “The additional data Dow Jones is now delivering from corporate earnings reports allows traders to benchmark earnings, profit and revenue against earnings-per-share data points and guidance for a clearer picture of a company's or industry's health."

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