Nasdaq OMX offers data on demand

Exchange group Nasdaq OMX has launched Nasdaq Data-on-Demand, a new cloud computing service that gives traders historical access to level 1 tick data without the need for in-house data management infrastructure.

The offering is designed to provide scaleable access to high quality data for Nasdaq, NYSE, OTC Bulletin Board, Pinksheet and other regional-listed securities. Users can select specific pieces or sets of data for instant processing, download large tick data subsets on a scheduled basis, integrate data into applications, as well as access quote, trade, VWAP and end-of-day data, market spreads and summarised trade information. The data will also include US OTC securities upon launch.

“Customers of Nasdaq Data-on-Demand are able to cut costs and boost efficiency by getting only the data they need when they need it,” said Randall Hopkins, senior vice president of global data products, Nasdaq OMX.

The delivery method is built on the Xignite DataOnDemand Platform, which allows data to be built into websites and applications, via the Internet. Data can be purchased online via the Nasdaq website.