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RealTick upgrade aims to simplify workflows in fragmented markets

Trading solutions provider Townsend Analytics has expanded the multi-broker functionality of its RealTick execution management system (EMS). The new RealTick release also includes enhanced list trading capabilities and the ability to route orders to multiple dark pools, broker algorithms and liquidity venues in one click to streamline trader workflow, the firm announced.

Townsend Analytics said that the upgrade responded to client demand for personalised functionality, such as customisable order forms for specific trading styles and strategies and tailored smart filtering capabilities for multiple exchanges, multiple brokers, account defaults and other route filtering criteria.

The firm added that demand for customised, multi-broker, multi-asset capabilities stems from the increased need to access liquidity in real time and the growing use of complex multi-instrument trading strategies.

RealTick’s new Order Splitter function, which sends multiple orders to various destinations with one click, according to Townsend, can be customised to allocate orders across specific algorithms, dark pools and DMA routes.

“This major upgrade has focused on streamlining and accelerating the entire trade management process globally,” said Stuart Breslow, Townsend’s CEO and CIO. “By integrating all the tools that institutional traders need to trade multiple asset classes with their choice of global destinations, we have greatly simplified their workflow.”

RealTick is a broker-neutral, multi-asset platform that aggregates multiple brokers, destinations and products, including equities, options, futures and foreign exchange, onto a single-screen format. Based in Chicago, Townsend Analytics is a wholly owned, independently-operated subsidiary of Barclays Bank PLC.