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Knight Capital launches complex options order trading capabilities

Knight Capital, the trading services and technology provider, has launched its complex options order trading capabilities through Knight Direct EMS, its multi-asset trading platform. The new services enables clients to choose from a variety of industry-standard trading strategies, or create their own custom trading strategies.

"We have had a great deal of demand for complex options execution capabilities," said Bill Cronin, managing director, Knight. "We now offer both an intuitive, practical interface as well as a superior, automated smart-order routing capability with access to every domestic option exchange," he added.

Knight Direct EMS also allows users to build multi-leg customised orders from option contracts listed on all seven of US option exchanges. Knight’s complex order smart-routing provides for in-line trading of component legs and can be used to work desired strategies.

"We have many clients who, for example, need to hedge their equity positions, whether through options, futures or currency. We are here to facilitate that complex process," noted Cronin.