Operations & Technology

Nunami Services provides order routing to NYSE floors

Order routing provider Nunami Services is supplying Reg NMS outbound order routing services for a portion of the NYSE Euronext’s NYSE and Alternext equity trading floors.

Nunami will provide the exchange with connectivity to all displayed US markets. Currently being used for a portion of the trading floor’s routed traffic, the Nunami solution provides the exchange with a low-latency solution that is capable of burst speeds and throughput that are multiples of existing volumes.

The Nunami solution has a comprehensive operational and business level monitoring tool which provides exchange staff on the trading floor the ability to monitor the status of all of its connections to other systems, view summary statistics of all transactions taking place across those connections, receive customised system status alerts, and research the full life-cycle of each individual order.

“We are pleased with the speed and stability of Nunami’s system," commented Mike Paulyson, managing director, floor operations, NYSE. "The monitoring interface provides detailed visibility into our order flow, allowing us to mitigate operational risk. In addition, we appreciate the collaborative spirit of Nunami’s technical team,” he added.