Algorithmic Trading

Orc and Alpes anticipate HFT growth in Brazil

Brazilian broker Alpes has signed a deal with trading technology supplier Orc Software, enabling its clients to use Orc's low-latency trading infrastructure to execute their trading strategies.

Alpes' clients will be able to use the technology supplier's pricing, risk management and volatility management tools for trading in Brazil, while users of Orc's trading solutions will be afforded connectivity to the Brazilian exchange, BM&F Bovespa.

Orc's server-based technology will be both hosted at Alpes and co-located at the exchange. Orc has said it expects the take-up of its trading tools to be most prevalent among Alpes' high-frequency trading clients.

“The tools previously available in the Brazilian market did not meet the demands of many of our customers. These traders sought solutions that they could get running quickly and with less effort, without sacrificing the high-performance necessary for success,” said Pedro Machado, head of institutional sales at Alpes.

“Alpes is one of the leading brokers in this community and gives our common customers fast and convenient access to trade in Brazil,” added Ruben Guerrero, strategic partnership manager, Orc Software. “Orc's solutions are designed to be high performance and easy to deploy. We believe that traders in Brazil will be able to take advantage of these tools to compete successfully as the market grows.”