Crossing Networks & Dark Pools Archive

April 09, 2014

TradeTech debates new era for dark pools

The future of dark pools has been a prominent topic at TradeTech Europe 2014, as the market prepares for changes as a result of incoming MiFID II regulation. read more>

April 08, 2014

Liquidnet hires TABB's Adam Sussman

Institutional block crossing platform Liquidnet has hired Adam Sussman, former director of research for research consultancy TABB Group as head of market structure and liquidity partnerships. read more>

April 08, 2014

Smarter algos crucial to overcome dark trading caps

Smarter algos crucial to overcome dark trading caps

More sophisticated electronic trading solutions will be needed in response to caps on European dark trading set to be introduced as part of MiFID II, the audience at TradeTech Europe 2014 has heard. read more>

March 27, 2014

BAML tests European waters on new block crossing service

Bank of America Merrill Lynch is consulting with European clients this week on the possible introduction of a new block crossing capability, ahead of incoming MiFID II rules which effectively ban broker crossing networks. read more>

March 18, 2014

Liquidnet expands into bonds with Vega-Chi buy

Institutional buy-side equities crossing network Liquidnet will offer trading in corporate bonds after agreeing to acquire bond-trading platform Vega-Chi. read more>

March 18, 2014

Thomson Reuters unveils block service

Financial information firm Thomson Reuters will operate a block trading service based on its buy- and sell-side messaging platform Autex, but the firm has said it will not compete directly with dark pools or crossing networks. read more>

March 07, 2014

Call for reduced large-in-scale threshold

Requirements for large-in-scale waivers for dark trading should be reduced to help counter the potential impact of dark pool caps on block trading, according to panelists at the FIX EMEA Conference in London. read more>

February 25, 2014

IEX eyes Q2 lit market transition

A dark pool launched in November could become a lit market by July as it continues to gain market share, crossing its billionth share last week and setting a daily trading record. read more>

February 12, 2014

US dark trading could stall despite 2013 high

Market share for dark pools trading US equities was higher in 2013 than any prior year, but a slowing of growth could lead to a contraction, research compiled by broker Rosenblatt Securities has found. read more>

February 10, 2014

Squawker’s average trade size tops €350,000

Sell-side negotiation platform Squawker for block trades has now signed up 80 firms and has an average trade size of €386,000 (US$527,000). read more>