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    Morning Keynote Address

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    Panel: Navigating the systematic internaliser regime

    Considered to be one of the most controversial changes under MiFID II, our expert panel consisting of asset managers, alongside brokers and market makers currently operating SIs, will discuss how the industry has coped under the systematic internaliser (SI) regime.

    With seemingly slow adoption on the buy-side amid concerns around transparency, the panel will ask whether buy-side sentiments have changed and if SIs could do more to ease those concerns. Other topics of discussion will include regulatory intervention, the tick size regime, and the rise of electronic liquidity provider (ELP) SIs.

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    Fireside Chat

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    Afternoon Keynote Address

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    Panel: Has research unbundling dried up liquidity?

    Unbundling research payments and execution fees has led to asset managers reducing their research provider lists and the research market losing millions in valuation, but what effect has this had on access to liquidity and the performance of trading desks?

    This panel will review the state of the research market and what changes to how the buy-side use research means for the search for liquidity.

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    Fireside Chat

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    Panel: Reporting gone wrong

    New obligations around reporting under MiFID II have caused no little consternation for market participants and regulators alike, with ongoing concerns as to the best routes to fulfil new obligations and questions around data quality.

    This panel will delve into the specific reporting issues the industry is grappling with under MiFID II, focusing on the best execution requirements of RTS 27/28, the role of APAs and ARMs, and the undermining data problems that have so far left regulators nonplussed.

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    Coffee & Networking Break

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    Panel: MiFID 2.5 or 3? The Future of Pan-European Regulation

    MiFID II may have come into effect over one year ago, but that doesn’t mean the industry can down compliance tools any time soon. Regulators, politicians and market participants all recognise that there will be further evolution to the MiFID II rules, however the question is just how far these changes will extend.

    This panel will assess which parts of the regulatory regime should be reviewed for change to best benefit the industry and whether any further developments of MiFID II should be implemented through an incremental approach or form the next wave of pan European legislation.

  12. Closing Remarks

    Cocktail Reception