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Bloomberg’s AIM and EMSX are designed as a complete OMS/EMS solution. The integrated platform enables firms to perform real-time global compliance checks throughout the life-cycle of a trade, import orders, analyse order complexity and source liquidity, choose a trading strategy and venue, execute and monitor and react to execution quality and costs all in real-time throughout the day.
Bloomberg delivers an OMS/ EMS on a hosted platform, which eliminates the need for a firm to have dedicated workstations or servers on its premises. Bloomberg takes on the burden of keeping up with the costs of development inherent with changing markets, instruments and technologies so a firm can lower its total cost of ownership.


Bloomberg supports FIX versions 4.2 and 4.4. The company also provides access to every major broker-provided algorithm. From a single workspace, traders can access over 2,000 broker destinations supporting access to their cash and program desks, algorithmic suites, and sponsored DMA access.

Market data

Bloomberg AIM/EMSX is fed with Bloomberg market data. As a fully open system the client can bring market data from any other source into the system.

Routing and trading venues

Bloomberg supports connectivity to dark venues such as Liquidnet, Instinet and ITG. This includes all Bloomberg dark pools for global identification purposes.

As a fully open system, Bloomberg can connect to all liquidity platforms. Bloomberg does not offer smart order routing capabilities, but can integrate to any broker-provided SOR.

Future updates

The Bloomberg network has been opened up to support direct broker connectivity from non-Bloomberg OMS/ EMSs. The firm also plans to add ATDL support in 2012.