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Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank


Deutsche Bank’s algorithmic offering includes
Stealth, it’s liquidity seeking algorithm, SuperX Plus, a dark liquidity
algorithm that offers order protection, percentage of volume implementation
shortfall, VWAP, TWAP, target close, SmartIceberg and SmartPeg.


Key functionality

Deutsche Bank’s algorithm suite lets clients manage
executions efficiently, access market intelligence and trade on opportunities.
The strategies provide built-in features to enhance execution performance. The
firm employs a pool ranking model, dynamic return model, and a smart allocation
model as differentiating features.



Deutsche Bank’s
execution consulting services complement clients’ decision making process and
include pre-trade execution tools, real-time analytics, execution advice and
bespoke post-trade analysis. The electronic execution sales-trading team is the
primary execution consultants for clients, supported by analytics, quant and
market structure teams. The resulting analysis offers a customised view into
trade performance and forms the foundation for strategy usage and algorithmic


Autobahn offers a system-agnostic product suite,
offering fully integrated solutions to third party vendor order management
systems and execution management systems.



algorithms use the firm’s proprietary smart order router (SOR), which accesses
liquidity across regulated markets and multilateral trading facilities in
developed and emerging Europe, including SuperX, Deutsche Bank’s broker
crossing system.

For non-marketable
(posted) orders, the SOR aims to minimise expected fill time based on the
predicted fill rate at each venue. For marketable orders (taking liquidity),
the router simultaneously sends multiple immediate or cancel orders to source

Future plans

New algorithms, the expansion of emerging market
access and improved tools to monitor real-time algorithmic performance will be
available soon.