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Fidelity Capital Markets

Fidelity Capital Markets

Service overview

Capital Markets, the institutional trading arm of Fidelity Investments, offers
access to retail, investment advisor, broker-dealer and institutional flows.
The firm says its consultative approach fosters the ability to work with
clients to deliver customised trading solutions that meet their specific needs.


trading team, averages 10 years of experience can offer objective and
transparent information related to the usage of its products, given its agency


Research and analysis

Capital Markets offers third-party research options via its commission
management programme, providing clients the opportunity to segregate a portion
of commissions for payment of research and brokerage services.
  The firm also offers post-trade
transaction cost analysis (TCA) reporting with a variety of performance
metrics. These include standard metrics as well as more sophisticated and
customised measures.


Electronic Trading Consultant (ETC) desk is well versed in TCA and work with
clients to customise they way they view and receive reports as well as how to
interpret them.




Capital Markets can customise its trading tools to meet client objectives.
Customisation can include, but is not limited to: custom algorithmic creation
to help meet specific client objectives, trader and/or account specific
configurations to help reduce order entry time and venue customisation to help
meet the trader or strategy objective.


Client support

ETC and production support desks provide real-time, hands-on support and
diagnostics. Both desks are strategically placed and have direct access to
developers and financial engineers if required.


Capital always aim to ensure it adheres to proper policies and procedures to
protect client information and trade anonymity.