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InfoReach algorithms include arrival price,
Autodesk, FollowVolume, MergerArb, OrderAger, PricerAlgo, Slicer, TWAP,
TimedSendWave and VWAP.


Key functionality

InfoReach offers
a variety of pre-built execution strategies that are included with the trade
management system (TMS). These algorithms offer several advantages to traders
such as reducing information leakage to third parties due to being integrated
within the broker-neutral InfoReach trade management system (TMS).

Also, order reserve quantities are not disclosed, letting
traders collaboratively work orders with the algorithms to improve execution
and there is no commission associated with use of InfoReach’s pre-built

InfoReach makes the
source code of its algorithms available to its clients so they can customise
algorithm behaviour to save time and cost of developing proprietary algos.


The InfoReach TMS was designed to automate routine
and trade-intensive activities of traders for greater efficiency. To facilitate
algorithmic trading, the TMS includes a suite of pre-built algorithms.
Customers can use the TMS to create, back-test and deploy their own trading
strategies and the firm’s optional HiFREQ module provides an algorithmic engine
for the creation and deployment of high-frequency strategies.

InfoReach Second Opinion, the firm’s interactive, enhanced
transaction cost analysis (TCA) service also offers operational efficiency and
performance in trading. It provides real-time, pre-trade, at-trade and post-trade
analytics that factor in variables that affect trade outcomes, including daily
volume, volatility and market trends.


Algorithms can be assessed through the TMS and from
accessing the API.



Through the TMS traders can access more than 500
execution algorithms from more than 40 global brokers and other third-party
providers for multiple asset classes.


Future plans

InfoReach plans to offer enhanced TCA, risk
controls, multi-asset algorithms and multi-legged support in the future.