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Linedata - Linedata Trader

Gary BrackenridgeEmail: gary.brackenridge@ne.linedata.comTel: 44 (0)20 7469 8600

The Linedata Trader is part of the Linedata Front Office Platform and offers trading though a flexible workspace with pre-trade compliance checks, execution management functionality and integrated workflow. It offers order creation, pre-trade compliance, market data and global connectivity through a deployed or hosted environment.

Features include pre-trade compliance, trade history, restricted broker rules, a commission management dashboard and FIX tag 30 analysis. It also offers realised and unrealised trader profit and loss and streaming market data.

Linedata has more than 700 clients across Europe, Asia and North America. The client base includes institutional portfolio and collective management companies, hedge funds, prime brokers, fund managers, fund administrators, transfer agents, corporate savings fund managers, and subsidiaries of banks or independents.

Sourcing options

Linedata Trader is available via deployed or hosting environment.

Counterparty connectivity

Linedata provides trading integration to over 400 destinations globally through 50 partners accessing alternative trading systems, dark pools, broker algos and trade cost analysis data.

Linedata Trader offers execution management functionality through a flexible workspace and reliable pre-trade compliance checks, execution management functionality and integrated workflow.

Linedata  builds broker algorithmic trading interfaces based on the broker’s FIX specification. Once the development processes are completed, Linedata engages with the broker to certify the FIX messaging associated with the algorithmic trading interface.

Asset classes

Linedata Trader offers capabilities for equities, fixed income, options, FX and futures.

Pre- and post-trade analytics

Linedata Trader offers real-time market data and analytics through a partnership with StatPro Revolution.

Future plans

Linedata will focus on broadening asset coverage support, exposure based portfolio management, post-trade workflows and integration with clearing firms.