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Mantara – ExpressWay EMS

Mantara - ExpressWay EMS

ExpressWay EMS is a broker-netural system that supports global trading of equities and US options in single names, lists, waves and pairs strategies. It provides the ability to combine single-stock and portfolio trading into a single workflow and access broker-neutral DMA and algo routing.

Users can also deploy and update trading strategies and access ulta-low latency pre-trade risk and sponsored-access routes. Also, access to Mantara's Catalyst Marketplace, which offers third party applications, is also available.

Around 9% of users are US firms, of which most a buy-side asset managers.

Sourcing options

ExpressWay EMS is available through software-as-a-service deployment, with a desktop application supported by service-oriented architecture.

Counterparty connectivity

The system has directly connectivity to all US exchanges through colocation in addition to dark pools and electronic communication networks and have broker connections to all non-US venues.

ExpressWay EMS is certified with all major order management system (OMS) providers for staging and trade management and offers some OMS style functionality, such as the ability to accept or reject orders and manage execution flows.

Mantara requires approximately one working week ro review changes in the FIX specifications, modify the appropriate files, and test and certify the changes.

Asset classes

Expressway EMS currently supports DMA and algorithmic trading fro the fill range of global and US equities.

Pre- and post trade analytics

A full spectrum of pre- and post-trade transaction cost analysis products are provided by partner-developed apps available through Mantara’s Catalyst Marketplace. Mantara offers benchmarking and real-time performance tracking on a trade-by-trade basis, using live and historical data.

Future plans

In 2013, Mantara plans to introduce multi-day positions, futures trading and enhanced visualisation tools in addition to multi-leg strategies and behaviour-based trading suggestions.