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Neonet algorithmic strategies include Dark, MOC,
Participate, Softstop, TWAP and VWAP.

Key functionality

Neonet’s key differentiator is built on extensive
market access and smart order routing. Dark liquidity seeking functionality is
built into Neonet’s algorithms and smart order router (SOR) engine, enabling
access to a number of regulated strategic liquidity pools while preserving best
execution and reducing market impact. The firm operates on an agency basis and
has no bias towards market or venue and does not internalise orders.



Neonet offers full customer customisation of
algorithmic execution parameters, where execution strategy can be weighted
towards customer preferences. Third party unbiased transaction cost analysis is
available for post trade analytics, giving the customer the ability to
benchmark both strategy and implementation.



Clients can access the algorithms through any FIX
compliant execution or order management system or via Neonet Trader.



Neonet has access to 40 lit markets and 11 dark
pools and markets are added as they become relevant to the firm’s customer


Future plans

Neonet has launched a new algorithmic framework
which extends its algorithmic offering. The firm’s priority is to continue
providing value added services to its customer base and deliver solutions to
their demands.