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SunGard’s Astec Analytics monitors more than 1.3 million securities lending transactions at more than 75 financial institutions and tracks more than 33,000 unique securities on loan daily.


Data is provided on a company-wide fixed fee basis.


Astec Analytics provides data files alongside a
web-delivered service and an Excel-based add-in, allowing customers to access
data through multiple mediums, aggregated to a level to meet their individual


The firm’s web-based services provide many
analytical tools for converting the wealth of data into actionable information
for customers. In addition, participants wanting to develop their own tools can
use our Excel add-in or import the service’s pre-aggregated data feeds into
their own systems.


Data analytics can be provided at security, index,
sector, country, region or global levels, as well as in customised
user-generated portfolios. Our data feeds are delivered pre-aggregated at many
levels to ensure customers gain the most from our data with the least
development effort.


Data feeds are
available as web, Excel add-in, intraday or end-of-day data feeds. SunGard’s
reporting services can also provide benchmarking and program analytics in
user-defined, pre-formatted or interactive online reporting.

The firm’s web services come pre-packaged to link with any
trading system, allowing users to call up a standard page of analytics

Future plans

SunGard is continually developing new ways to deliver actionable information from the data through Astec Analytics. Current initiatives include advanced benchmarking and reporting services as well as enhancing data breadth through advanced collateral analysis.