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Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE)

Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE)

The TSE provides a daily closing summary and other statistics on its homepage free-of-charge and for internal use only.
Real-time market data (FLEX), corporate actions, TOPIX index data, timely disclosure, reference and historical data is available on a commercial basis. Some information services also incorporate data from other exchanges
For the FLEX service, clients can choose market coverage, e.g. derivatives only, contents covered, last sales prices only or indices only and market depth, which can include five or eight best bid and offer (BBO) levels of full quote depth.
TSE plans to introduce historical tick data services which cover both eight BBO levels and full quote depth.

Fee structure

Pricing for data varies
depending on services and
purposes of use. Many
services incorporate both
fixed fee elements and
proportional usage based fee


The TSE website service
provides in-depth
information on corporate
action, advance notice on
how corporate action affects
index calculation and other
data which supports portfolio
analysts, risk control
managers and back-office
managers. Clients that wish
to customise data are
required to enter into a data
licensing agreement with the

Delivery channels

Data can be delivered via
dedicated lines, websites, file
transfer and email channels.


To facilitate data integration,
services are equipped with
CSV download functions,
dispensing with manual data
entry by users.

Future plans

TSE plans to introduce
enhanced tick data service
this year and is considering
developing its analytical and
value added information