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UBS Fusion TCA offers real time execution monitoring capability along with extensive historical post trade transaction cost analysis (TCA), detailed execution venue analysis, automated reporting and customizable report formatting.

Asset classes and markets

UBS Fusion TCA currently covers cash equity
products globally.

Transaction data

Data is available on a per order level, as well as
on various aggregated levels such as per market, desk, per sector.


The product offers a range of benchmarks, including
arrival price, previous close, today’s open, reversion benchmarks, PWP
benchmarks and alpha capture benchmarks. It also offers a range of VWAP
benchmarks including Interval VWAP, Full Day VWAP and VWAP to Close.

Reporting options

TCA reports can be provided in PDF or excel formats
and delivered to clients via email. Reports can be generated on the fly or
scheduled at specific times during the day. Both summary level data and order
level data can be made available in the report.

Consultancy services

UBS offers consultancy services ranging from basic
consulting to in-depth analysis, to help clients fine-tune their algo usage and
venue participation in order to sustain more alpha.

Pre-trade analysis

UBS Fusion TCA has a web based pre-trade analysis
tool covering single stock orders and portfolios for global equities. Various
risk analysis/market impact factors and product information can be queried and
also downloaded in excel or PDF formats.

Future plans

UBS is currently developing its next generation TCA
product, which will also include FX in its scope, which has a release target of