Foreign Exchange

Merrill Lynch 'ML FX Clone' Model Replicates Hedge Fund FX Strategies

Merrill Lynch yesterday introduced ML FX Clone, a methodology for replicating hedge funds' foreign exchange (FX) strategies that will help investors to better understand and ultimately access the FX markets with greater ease and at lower cost. ML FX Clone is designed to replicate the most widely-used FX investment styles followed by active portfolio managers.

Quant House adds Hotspot foreign exchange platform to its data feed handler

Quant House has implemented access to Hotspot FXi, a multibank foreign exchange marketplace, via its feed handler. Quant House is a provider of low latency market data technologies, trading strategies development frameworks, execution engines and proximity hosting services that aim to help programme trading firms to trade ahead.

FXDD launches institutional foreign exchange execution platform

Online foreign exchange trading platform FXDD has launched PowerTrader, an institutional execution platform. PowerTrader connects more than 60 global banks and ECN systems into one platform. The company says in a statement that "PowerTrader provides true interbank pricing with no dealing desk intervention; the live, executable streaming prices come directly from the major liquidity providers."

Quant House extends trading to foreign exchange via Hotspot FX

Quant House, a trading solutions provider, has announced it has implemented access to Hotspot FXi, the multibank foreign exchange marketplace, releasing the Hotspot Quant House feed handler. Quant House's programme trading solutions include low latency market data technologies, trading strategies development framework, execution engine and proximity hosting services in order to help programme trading firms to trade ahead. The new feed handler is designed to allow easy integration of Hotspot FXi feed into algorithmic trading applications using a single API, the Quant House API avalable in C++, Java, .NET or FIX.

WESTLB selects Gissing RealtimeXL for contribution of internal FX deposit rates

WestLB, a German financial services provider, and Gissing Software, solution provider in the routing and transformation of real-time market and trade data, today announced that WestLB has deployed Gissing RealtimeXL for a community of money markets traders based in Dusseldorf, London, New York and Tokyo allowing them to contribute FX deposit rates to internal audiences via the bank’s intranet. The system went live in January 2007.

Bloomberg launches new electronic foreign exchange trading platform in conjunction with AIG

Bloomberg Tradebook Services has launched an electronic foreign exchange trading platform called BLOOMBERG TRADEBOOK FX, which it says "ushers in a new era for global FX market participants." BLOOMBERG TRADEBOOK FX is an electronic marketplace providing institutional traders with the ability to transact in foreign currency exchange while preserving their anonymity from other FX market participants. Users can also make use of sophisticated trading algorithms to implement trading strategies.

AIG launches emerging markets foreign exchange index

American insurer AIG has launched the AIG Emerging Markets Foreign Exchange Index in response to the growth of investor interest in emerging markets and foreign exchange as asset classes in recent years.

GAIN Capital Group launches next generation Forex Trading Platform

GAIN Capital Group, a provider of Foreign Exchange (Forex) trading and services for institutional investors, yesterday launched a new margin trading platform FOREXTrader for Windows. It was tested with a select group and is available free of charge to GAIN Capital Group global clients.

New foreign exchange margin trading platform launched by GAIN Capital Group

Buy-side foreign exchange trading services provider GAIN Capital Group has launched a new version of its margin trading platform, FOREXTrader for Windows. Following a successful beta test with select clients, the platform is now available at no charge to GAIN Capital Group clients around the world. It can be accessed via GAIN Capital (, GAIN's service for professional traders, and (, GAIN's retail division for self-directed individual investors.