Foreign Exchange

FXall launches new foreign exchange ECN called Accelor

FXall today announced that it has gone live with Accelor, a foreign exchange ECN for professional market participants. It aims to combine the anonymity of ECN trading with an advanced technical architecture and comprehensive market data.

Hedge funds driving foreign exchange markets on to electronic platforms, says Celent

Electronic trading of foreign exchange continues to grow fast, and the market could increase from close to US$3 trillion to US$4 trillion of daily turnover by 2009–2010, with 75% of the interdealer spot market volume and 50% of the dealer-to-client volume traded electronically. Hedge funds lie behind the drive on to electronic platforms, and will accelerate it.

State Street buys electronic foreign exchange trading platform Currenex

State Street has bought Currenex, the online foreign exchange trading platform used by currency traders, including banks and hedge funds. State Street has $564 million in cash - which observers see as a handsome price - but says the purchase will accelerate its growing participation in the electronic foreign exchange trading market.

Block-FX-trading platform created in response to client demand

"Over the last two years we've observed that there is a great need for an electronic platform that supports the trading of large blocks of foreign exchange (FX)," says Vijay Kedia, president and CEO, FlexTrade. FX-trading is still conducted over the telephone, which makes it prone to information leakage, says Kedia. "