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Hedge funds driving foreign exchange markets on to electronic platforms, says Celent

Electronic trading of foreign exchange continues to grow fast, and the market could increase from close to US$3 trillion to US$4 trillion of daily turnover by 2009–2010, with 75% of the interdealer spot market volume and 50% of the dealer-to-client volume traded electronically. Hedge funds lie behind the drive on to electronic platforms, and will accelerate it.

NYSE approves FlexTrade link for options trading

FlexTrade Systems, a provider of multi-asset algorithmic execution management systems, yesterday announced that its clients now have direct access to NYSE Arca Options through FlexOPT, its algorithmic options trading and risk management solution that enables users to minimise market impact, transaction costs, and risk exposure.

Goldman Sachs selects Fidessa as additional source for listed derivatives

royalblue, provider of Fidessa, yesterday announced that Goldman Sachs has selected Fidessa as an additional distribution platform for buy-side listed derivatives flow. Fidessa's global connectivity network provides a highly resilient solution for routing buy-side order flow to broker destinations. Through Fidessa's network, users will now have the capability to route listed derivatives, cash equities and algorithmic orders, across 60 exchanges and 23 countries, to Goldman Sachs.

Eurex launches emerging markets products, starting with derivaties on Russian underlyings

The derivatives exchange Eurex will be launching derivatives on Russian underlyings denominated in US dollars as of 23 April 2007, the firm has announced. This will enable investors to trade emerging markets derivatives on the Eurex platform for the first time. The derivatives will be traded in US dollars, another first at Eurex.