The TRADE is a quarterly publication, focused on the business of institutional global securities trading. It is the only publication dedicated to covering the broad spectrum of activities that buy-side firms undertake to implement their investment decisions and manage the investment process end-to-end in order to reduce market impact costs and maximise portfolio returns.

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The TRADE Asia

Asia is a challenging environment; a region by name it is far from a homogenous market. Limited liquidity, reactionary regulation and wide spreads have long conspired against the introduction of electronic trading in Asia's exchange-driven markets. But now, with the widespread adoption of FIX in Asia and the global trend towards best execution and unbundling, advanced trading techniques are taking hold like never before. The TRADE Asia, sister publication of The TRADE, is dedicated to following developments in the Asian markets.

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The TRADE Derivatives

The TRADE Derivatives examines the impact of the regulatory, competitive and technological forces transforming global derivatives markets on the trading desks of hedge funds and institutional investment firms. Many markets within the derivatives universe have been highly automated for some time, but the changes taking place in the post-crisis financial markets represent a significant step change that will lead to greater use of electronic trading techniques and tools in the derivatives markets, particularly on the buy-side.

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The TRADE 100

Celebrating the 100 people, institutions and products that have shaped the word of automated trading over the past decade and are fashioning its future!

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The TRADETech Daily

The TRADETech Daily is the official newspaper of TRADETech 2014, Paris 8-9 April.

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Execution Venues in Europe Handbook

Execution venues in Europe will provide buy-side traders with practical insights into Europe’s emerging execution models and structures, and the new trading strategies and the ‘smart’ tools being rolled out to achieve best execution in an increasingly complex trading environment.
Execution venues in Europe will offer the buy-side a guide to the opportunities and challenges they face from liquidity fragmentation.

Algorithmic Trading Handbook

In 2005, The TRADE published the first buy-side handbook on algorithmic trading. The publication received wide acclaim and has witnessed sustained demand. Since its publication in 2005, the market has moved on. Buy-side adoption of algorithmic trading has increased globally, strategies and benchmarks have evolved and a new generation of liquidity-seeking algorithms has arrived. Together, these factors have prompted The TRADE to publish a 2nd edition of the handbook.