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North American Forex volume averaged $577 billion in April

The Foreign Exchange Committee has released the results of its fourth Survey of North American Foreign Exchange Volume. For this April 2006 reporting period, it was found that the average daily volume in over-the-counter foreign exchange instruments (including spot transactions, outright forwards, foreign exchange swa

Credit Suisse/Tremont Hedge Fund Index down 0.11% In June

The Credit Suisse/Tremont Hedge Fund Index is down 0.11% in June. "Equity markets across the globe witnessed an increase in intra-month volatility as May's losses spilled into the beginning of June and investors continued to reduce risk across global markets and asset classes," says Oliver Schupp, President of the Cre

Fortress investment group sells 15% stake to Nomura

New York-based hedge and private equity fund manager Fortress has sold a 15 per cent stake to the Japanese securities house Nomura Holdings. The price values Fortress at $6 billion, with Nomura paying $888 million for its stake. Under the deal, expected to close in January, Nomura will take ownership of Class A

CBI-PwC Q2 survey finds fearful mood among UK securities traders and fund managers

Optimism in the UK securities industry has all but evaporated, amid concerns about the strength of the equity markets, and the state of the global economy. The latest quarterly survey of the UK financial services industry by employers organisation the CBI and consultants PwC, found optimism among securities industry r

Assets in custody with clearstream to be available via Eurex Repo from mid-2007

Eurex Repo, the electronic repo trading market owned by Eurex, says its Euro GC Pooling service, which was launched in March 2005, is being enhanced in conjunction with Clearstream Banking Luxembourg and Eurex Clearing to enable assets held in custody with Clearstream Luxembourg to be available for Euro GC Pooling from mid-2007 onwards. The new service is aimed primarily at international participants who use Clearstream Luxembourg as custodian for their securities.

Euronext buys 51% stake in securities lending platform SecFinex

SecFinex, the six-year-old, London-based electronic trading platform for securities lending, has sold 51 per cent of its equity to Euronext. The platform has sought an investor for some time, and came close to selling itself to inter-dealer broker ICAP earlier this year, but major shareholders Societe Generale and Fortis eventually demanded too high a price.

Hedge funds ahead of Dow Jones and NASDAQ In November, says Hennessee Group

Hennessee Group says the hedge fund index it maintains was up 1.84% in November, and 10.06% in the year to date, which kept it ahead of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which was up 1.17% (+14.04% YTD), and the NASDAQ Composite Index, which climbed 2.75% (+10.26% YTD). Bonds also gained in November, as the Lehman Bro