Minimising uncertainty

When you’re preparing to comply with a multi-faceted, far-reaching piece of legislation, uncertainty can be your biggest challenge.

Nordic Trading Desks Preparing for MiFID II

ITG's Andre Nogueira and Harald Carlens take a look at how MiFID II is being implemented across the Nordic region.

Plato Partnership launches first research paper from MI3 Market Innovator

Plato Partnership, the not-for-profit industry company, has published its first piece of academic research through its Market Innovator (MI3), the body created to facilitate independent market structure research in partnership with leading academics around the world. Plato Partnership Co-Chairs, Mike Bellaro and Nej D’jelal, outline to The TRADE what MI3 is all about.

What does MiFID II mean for social media?

As social media becomes more influential as a source of information, firms can expect it to come under the eyes of regulators.

Self-Control or Regulation?

Alex Lamb, Head of Marketing & Head of Business Development Americas at The Technancial Company, delves into the role of a trader and the importance of monitoring participants effectively.

ETD Off-Book business prepares for MiFID II

For the last two years Eurex has been heavily engaged with understanding how MiFID II will impact its business and how to address these new regulatory hurdles.

The politics of social media

<p>With the rise of social media as a political tool, it seems elections may never be the same again. Social media has become a vital tool for political campaigns in pushing messages out as widely as possible, but can also be a campaign’s biggest stumbling block if they get it wrong.</p>