The future of trading and connectivity is modular

An unprecedented opportunity to unlock efficiencies and streamline workflows with Broadridge

“The capital markets industry has faced significant change in a relatively brief period of time. Shrinking margins, increased regulatory scrutiny and the uncertain future of work are just a few trends market participants must account for today, but we also must prepare for what tomorrow may bring.”

Ray Tierney, President, Broadridge Trading and Connectivity Solutions

It is no exaggeration to say that technology has transformed virtually every aspect of the trading process. Expanded access to information, advanced analytics, and ever increasing speed contribute to today’s trading tools delivering results far beyond what a human could ever achieve. These efficiencies result in dollars saved for the broker and greater returns for investors.

That’s how it’s supposed to work – and in some cases, it does. Too often, however, systems that were originally implemented to unlock efficiencies end up causing new problems for the front office, especially as innovation occurs and requirements shift.

These challenges can take many forms – monolithic architecture, frustrating workflows, and high costs are typical pain points – but the common thread is a lack of ability to adapt to the client’s ever-evolving needs on integration, speed, multi-asset capabilities, and the like. The usual result is a solution with all the complexity of a modern system but few of the benefits.

The modernization imperative

Innovation in the trading technology space continues to move at a rapid pace – but too often, firms are not equipped to take full advantage of the most up-to-date functionality.

As important as it is to have cutting-edge tools, the platform on which they run and the infrastructure that supports them are just as crucial. Given the level of sophistication required to succeed in today’s markets, increasingly diverse client demands, and unprecedented cost pressures, it is not just advisable, but critical that market participants refine their technology strategies to prepare for the future. Indeed, this shift is already underway and will accelerate in the years to come.

Modularity provides ultimate flexibility

Taking a modular approach to software is perhaps the most essential element of capital markets modernization efforts. By breaking up a system into independent, loosely coupled components, technology teams gain an incredible level of freedom to build and reconfigure tools as they see fit.

Reorganizing trading desks is a key use case for modularity, especially as the pressure to move to cross-asset intensifies. For example, a firm that wants to build out a desk for fixed income ETFs requires functionality for both asset classes: an equity-like trading platform for ETFs and robust hedging tools for fixed income.

Supports your needs across the entire trade lifecycle

Itiviti was acquired by Broadridge in May 2021 and is now Broadridge Trading and Connectivity Solutions. Our combined offering enables simplification and streamlining of all front office, middle office and post-trade functions — powering connectivity and multi-asset trading across global markets.

While our OEMS offering covers all aspects of trade lifecycle, one of its most powerful features is the ability to function in concert with third-party tools. When a client wants to implement a new application, integration with our platform requires a minimal development lift.

Broadridge’s modular architecture enables it to perform lateral, cross-asset integrations with relative ease. Our Tbricks trade automation technology and infrastructure is a great illustration of this. Clients can redeploy trading strategies and apply expertise across markets by consolidating all asset classes onto a single trading platform. It comes with powerful functionality and the flexibility for clients to build their own. Feel free to contact us for more information.

The Future of Trading and Connectivity is Modular

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