big xyt and ETFbook partner to improve transparency in European ETF/Ps

New partnership plans to make it easier to identify available products across any segment or exposure.

Market data provider big xyt has partnered with ETFbook to provide daily fund data for its Liquidity Cockpit for ETFs solution.

Originally launched in 2017, the solution provides a view of security metrics for global exchange traded funds (ETFs), obtained from various sources, summing up national regulated trading venues, multilateral trading facilities (MTFs) including Request for Quote (RFQ) volume, and OTC/SI reported transactions.

All this is presented through a unified, standardised data feed.

According to big xyt, this partnership provides granularity of the fund classification along multiple dimensions making it easier to identify available products across any segment or exposure.

By using the solution, investors are able to access additional insights regarding tradability across most European venues, allowing for a more holistic picture of the full set of investment options.

“Navigating these fragmented ETF markets remains a challenge for participants needing easily digestible information on available products with independent trading analysis and this partnership with ETFbook has enabled us to provide a unique insight into both primary and secondary market liquidity,” said Robin Mess, CEO and co-founder of big xyt.

Several exchanges have chosen big xyt’s Liquidity Cockpit to provide data analytics. Most recently, in September, pan-European equities and exchange traded fund (ETFs) exchange, Equiduct, became the latest to implement the solution.

“The ETF/ETP landscape evolves very rapidly in Europe with new products and new issuers, as well as with new asset classes such as cryptocurrencies, being launched all the time,” said Pawel Janus, PhD, CEO and co-founder of ETFbook.

“Leveraging our expertise in classifying fund exposures and capturing primary activities enables big xyt to offer a unique service and great value add to the European ETF trading community.”