Automation equals acceleration

Managing director EMEA and APAC at Broadridge Trading and Connectivity Solutions, Ofir Gefen, explains why modular trading systems are essential for firms to unlock efficiency and accelerate growth.

Book-building: A new frontier for automation

Dr Robert Barnes, group head of securities trading and CEO of Turquoise Global Holdings, London Stock Exchange Group and Mark Badyra, founder and CEO, Appital, explain to the TRADETech Daily how their collaboration on automating the bookbuilding process will benefit buy-side participants along the entire transaction chain.

Order from chaos: Streamlining trader workflows with OpenFin Notification Center

Actionable intelligence is crucial for capital markets professionals yet they are drowning in a sea of notifications and complex workflows. We have responded to this challenge and worked with the industry to build an enterprise-scale Notification Center. Here is why…

NDF Clearing: The tide is about to turn

Henry Weindling, non-deliverable forward (NDF) sales at Eurex, and David Holcombe, head of product: FX futures and FX clearing at 360T, explain how a new type of liquidity is changing the economics of NDF clearing for buy-side firms.

Plato invites Buy-side founder members & Strategic Partners for 2022

Plato Partnership are inviting EU27 and Swiss buy-side firms to indicate their interest in joining our Buy-side founder membership while also inviting interested buy- and sell-side firms to join Plato as Strategic Partners.

Execution management systems: A must-have for fixed income

Senior director, product management at FactSet, David Landisman, unpacks the world of fixed income and explores the benefits of using an execution management system, including data aggregation and minimising information leakage.

Making the case for an equities consolidated tape: myths and reality

Natan Tiefenbrun, head of equities at Cboe Europe, and Stephen Fisher, Managing Director, Global Public Policy Group, at BlackRock discuss the European Commission’s proposals for a consolidated tape included as part of the MiFIR review.

FX EFPs: The best of both worlds

Maximilian Dannheimer, head of FX sales at Eurex, and David Holcombe, head of product for listed FX and clearing at 360T, discuss how buy-side firms are increasingly using FX EFPs to leverage the benefits of the listed and OTC markets.

What market data strategy challenges does the buy-side face?

Although the new Refinitiv Connected Data survey shows that buy-side firms are making more progress on their digital transformation journeys than sell-side firms, the evolution of their market and reference data strategies will require much more work, respondents say.