The importance of independence

The results of this year’s Algo Survey by The TRADE show independent brokers outperforming traditional bulge brokers in almost every category. We caught up with Mike Seigne, head of Execution Services at Redburn, to find out how these relatively small firms are able to outperform their much larger competitors.

Data driven strategies from behind the exchange

Anya van den Berg, VP of data and analytics for Europe at Deutsche Börse, outlines the importance of data driven strategies in the wake of volatility and remote working conditions caused by the pandemic.

Creating a larger, more liquid European equity derivatives market

Ahead of the launch of Cboe Europe Derivatives (CEDX), Ade Cordell, president of Cboe NL, and Conor McCann, head of European derivatives sales at SIG, which has committed to being a market-maker in CEDX index options products, discuss their expectations for the new market.

Why market data strategies are out of date

Survey respondents say market and reference data strategies need updating, requiring drastic cultural changes in organisations, and a rethink on how to use data management to better leverage investment.

TAIFEX’s new mini electronics futures lures tech savvy investors

For market participants seeking to invest in such a globally-critical supply chain as Taiwan, it is imperative to be given a cost-effective and versatile way to manage their positions.

How can market and reference data boost profitability?

Hear insights from a new Refinitiv survey that explores ways in which firms are trying to harness the value of market and reference data to increase revenues and boost efficiencies.

Surveillance is only as good as the data that fuels it

Anthony Belcher, head of EMEA, ICE Fixed Income & Data Services, argues that passing the test on market abuse regulatory obligations will increasingly mean being ‘data fit’.