Maximise capital efficiency with Eurex’s portfolio margin solutions

One of the most important factors for traders when considering a strategy is the margin requirement for initiating and maintaining a position. Professional portfolio managers may benefit from applying portfolio margining, which focuses on total risk as opposed to the risk of loss for each position.

Transforming markets: Innovations shaping the future of capital markets

Guy Melamed, co-founder and chief executive officer at Exberry, discusses the current capital markets landscape, key challenges facing exchanges and market operators, successful partnerships within our ecosystem and the firm’s vision for the future of capital markets technology.

Clearing: A look at the technological state of play with Sinara’s Hamish Adourian

With 2024 set to be an important year for market innovation across the board amid geopolitical uncertainty, regulatory change and irrevocable technological innovation, Hamish Adourian, head of sales and marketing at Sinara, delves into the current clearing landscape, unpacking what should be front of mind from a technological perspective.

Eurex Home Market Settlement drives the further unification of the single stocks derivatives market

The growth of European single stocks derivatives (SSDs) created a large and diverse range of products for equity market exposure. However, this growth came with complexity, often adding costs to trading. As the key hub for the European market, Eurex has undertaken constant upgrades to ensure cost-efficiencies for traders. The newest feature is enabling the home market settlement.

Cboe Europe: Driving differentiation in lit order books

Natan Tiefenbrun, president for North American and European equities at Cboe Global Markets, and Maria Salamanca Mejia, head of EMEA market structure at Morgan Stanley, discuss the lit order book landscape and why a more in-depth analysis of the venues can enhance execution outcomes for clients.

Harnessing efficiencies through bundled euro trading and clearing

The landscape for euro clearing is changing as buy-side firms seek to harness margin efficiency and cost savings by centralising their euro trading and clearing at one CCP. This article explores why firms are building out their euro cross-product exposure at Eurex and the future of Eurex as the “home of the euro yield curve”.

Dispelling the myths around FX futures liquidity

CME Group unpacks the FX futures and options liquidity landscape, disproving common market misconceptions around central clearing, bilateral over the counter trading, and central limit order book usage.

BMO Electronic Trading: “Seeking better quality executions is at the core of what we do”

The TRADE sits down with Mike Green, chief operations officer (COO) and head of EMEA electronic trading, to find out what differentiates BMO’s offering. Following its launch in Europe last year, BMO won the 2023 Leaders in Trading Awards for Best Access to Markets and Best Customer Support & Consulting.

Five market structure topics to watch in 2024

Natan Tiefenbrun, president for North American and European equities at Cboe Global Markets, discusses the key trends for European market structure in 2024, including the growing importance of the retail investor and consolidated tapes in the EU and UK moving a step closer to reality.