Do you know how your order is routed?

Lately, more and more emphasis is being placed on how orders are routed. Typically concerns are raised around whether brokers are routing in their own best interest or in their clients’ best interest.

The rising value of data in financial markets

Michael Chin, managing director and global head of trading proposition at Refinitiv, explains that data is not simply a buzzword, and if gathered and interpreted accurately, it’s the path forward for trading.

Deciphering global execution dynamics for optimal trading

Michael Steliaros, Global Head of Quantitative Execution Services at Goldman Sachs, explores how algorithmic research lies at the heart of the quest for better risk and cost models.

A vision of the trading desk in 2024

The trading desk of the future has been identified by buy-side and capital markets participants in a technology survey by Refinitiv and Greenwich Associates. How do they think artificial intelligence, big data and analytics will benefit their industry by 2024?

2020: The year of institutional flow

Koine co-founder and head of strategy, Phil Mochan, on why market infrastructure and regulatory changes in Europe could make 2020 the year institutional capital buys into crypto currencies and sees the first quality digital securities come to market.

Outsourced trading: The opportunities for buy-side dealers

Gary Paulin, global head of integrated trading solutions at Northern Trust Capital Markets, explains how the rise of outsourcing in the buy-side front-office presents dealers the opportunity to be part of the solution.

Fixed income data: Maximising the benefits of a changing landscape

The explosion of market data in fixed income is creating a host of new opportunities and challenges for the fixed income trading environment, but there are ways to benefit from the changes in this landscape, writes Jon Williams, head of fixed income at Refinitiv.

The next phase of FX for Euronext

Kevin Wolf, CEO of Euronext FX, on the firm’s evolution and recent rebranding, how it differentiate from other FX platforms, and why the launch of its Singapore matching engine is a crucial component of the business.