RFQ for equities: Arming the buy-side with choice and ease of execution

As a fully MiFID II compliant trading protocol, RFQ introduces another element of choice and control to the way buy-side firms can access liquidity in cash equities on-venue, says Adriano Pace, head of equities (Europe) at Tradeweb.

Transforming markets, driven by demand

The TRADE talks to Adam Matuszewski, senior product manager at Securities & Exchanges, about how SIX has reshaped Swiss equity trading with its non-displayed pool, SwissAtMid.

The case for the cost-effective execution stack

Ofir Gefen, President APAC at Itiviti, examines how the evolving investment and regulatory landscape affect the automated execution value chain, and why firms need to revisit their IT strategy in order to seize opportunities early and capture tomorrow.

Changing the game for SME block liquidity

Veronica Taylor, head of Euronext Block, tells The TRADE about Euronext’s continued focus on dark large-in-scale trading, as the exchange’s block MTF completes its transition to Euronext’s state of the art technology platform, Optiq.

KDPW: One Group, one post-trade solution

Looking at the financial market and its infrastructure, it is worth noticing how the KDPW Group built Central Europe’s leading clearing and settlement infrastructure.

The year of the block

David Howson, chief operating officer at Cboe Europe, talks to THE TRADE about the revolution in block trading and how the firm stays in tune with customer needs.

Global market outlook 2019

JP Morgan Research offers their key market and economy calls for 2019.