Fixed income data: Maximising the benefits of a changing landscape

The explosion of market data in fixed income is creating a host of new opportunities and challenges for the fixed income trading environment, but there are ways to benefit from the changes in this landscape, writes Jon Williams, head of fixed income at Refinitiv.

The next phase of FX for Euronext

Kevin Wolf, CEO of Euronext FX, on the firm’s evolution and recent rebranding, how it differentiate from other FX platforms, and why the launch of its Singapore matching engine is a crucial component of the business.

The impact of uncleared margin rules

As the buy-side continues to grapple with uncleared margin rules (UMR), Tamaryn Nuttall, LCH ForexClear’s chief operating officer, stresses the importance of early preparation and how clearing can be used to navigate the operational complexities of compliance.

Evolving the FX algo offering

Christian Gressel, global head of electronic sales trading at UBS, considers how algorithmic trading is changing alongside client liquidity requirements and a shifting FX market microstructure.

The not-so ‘wild’ frontier markets

The HSBC Fixed Income Team examine the multiple definitions of frontier markets and the ways to access the non-correlated returns and high yields they can offer.

Machine learning engineering for TCA

Chris Sparrow, head of research, and Melinda Bui, director of trading analytics, at LiquidMetrix explain how applying domain knowledge to its database of client orders can create features that help get the most out of the machine learning algos.

The China investment challenge

When it comes to using China market data, how can firms navigate the China Foreign Exchange Trade System (CFETS) or get the best possible coverage, including across commodities and ESG, writes Doug Munn, head of Elektron Real Time at Refinitiv.

AIR Summit London 2019

Bill Stephenson, managing partner at AIR Summit, and Mike Bellaro, CEO of Plato Partnership, talk to The TRADE about the first-ever London AIR Summit and the event’s evolution to date.

Accessing equities emerging markets

As investor appetite for new opportunities and GDP growth rates continue to rise, 2019 is shaping up to be a strong year for emerging markets.