Bloomberg to offer access to CSRD data ahead of reporting deadline

New data offering will help inform the sustainability strategy of financial firms, alongside the sustainability reporting of their financing activities.

Bloomberg has launched a new data offering on the Bloomberg Terminal which collates the data that companies have started to report as part of the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

The new offering will also be available via Data License for scalable enterprise-wide use.

CSRD increases the scope of firms required to disclose ESG data publicly and widens reporting to more than 1,000 metrics covering both financial and impact materiality criteria.

Once reporting requirements begin in 2025, Bloomberg stated that the new data offering will help to holistically inform the sustainability strategy of financial firms and will help with the sustainability reporting of their financing activities.

“Better data drives better investment decisions, which is why Bloomberg is taking steps to ensure its clients will benefit from the tremendous increase in the quantity, quality and reliability of ESG data reported under CSRD,” said Patricia Torres, global head of sustainable finance solutions at Bloomberg.

“By providing high quality ESG data alongside financial data to our clients, we help them seamlessly understand the sustainability profile of their investments and streamline their reporting.”

The new offering is based on a mapping of the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) to existing Bloomberg data fields.

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The new offering includes historical data for a subset of fields reported by institutions voluntarily or as part of previous regulatory requirements. Additional fields will be developed, ensuring clients have access to mandatory quantitative disclosures covering both financial and impact materiality.

Companies required to report in 2025 are already included in Bloomberg’s coverage, with plans to extend coverage to include the companies that will start to report in 2026.

“Bloomberg has the scale and experience necessary to deliver the broad range of new ESG disclosures under CSRD to our clients in a timely and efficient way,” added Nadia Humphreys, global head of sustainable finance date solutions at Bloomberg.

“This marks the first milestone of our CSRD solution, which will continue to evolve to capture the depth and breadth of available company-reported data, helping clients to take action and make well-informed decisions.”