CapitalVue feeds international investor appetite for China market data

Shanghai-based Capital Epoch (HK), a provider of Greater China financial market data and information solutions, has launched its CapitalVue Financial Terminal to investors globally after a nine-month trial period.
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Shanghai-based Capital Epoch (HK), a provider of Greater China financial market data and information solutions, has launched its CapitalVue Financial Terminal to investors globally after a nine-month trial period.

“This is the first product of its kind coming out of China targeting the international investment community. It is also the first-ever multi-screen, browser-based application that is able to provide Level 1 and Level 2 stock price updates,” said Joseph Cho, founder and CEO of Capital Epoch.

The CapitalVue Terminal provides real-time equity data feeds for the Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges. Besides real-time quotes and pricing information, it also provides news, research reports, ratings and estimates, time-series statistical databases and analytical tools to financial institution and multi-national corporations. CapitalVue also delivers core coverage of mainland fixed income, funds and indexes. The CapitalVue suite of products also includes an Excel plug-in and mobile solutions for Apple iPad and iPhone users.

Level 1 price information transmitted by stock exchanges contains price, bid and offer, volume and trade information. This enables a trader to see trades that have been made, ascertain what type of trade it was and know what the current price of a share is in the market. Level 2 data offers an insight into the ‘depth’ of the market by providing information on the actual buy and sell orders for each share.

Cho said that advances in technology no longer require market data providers to fight for desk space. “Because we utilise web-based technology and cloud infrastructure, our terminal can co-exist with other terminals without having to install large software packages, so it is an efficient add-on for the end-user. This is designed to be a very valuable supplement to investors in the Chinese markets. We provide news, data and analytics more timely and we provide deeper information and broader coverage than those usually provided by international vendors,” Cho added.

Capital Epoch was registered in Hong Kong in late-2008, and started operations in Shanghai in mid-2009. The company is funded by a group of Chinese and Hong Kong investors and currently employs about 80 people in Shanghai. Prior to setting up Capital Epoch, Cho was a co-founder of Pacific Epoch, an investment and research company specialising in Chinese American depositary receipts (ADRs).

The company was acquired by JL McGregor & Company in August 2006. In 2008, Goldman Sachs became an investor in Pacific Epoch through its Hudson Street research platform. In May 2011, Pacific Crest Securities, a technology-focused US investment bank, acquired Pacific Epoch. Cho is no longer involved in Pacific Epoch’s operations.

According to Cho, the launch of the CapitalVue Financial Terminal is a response to growing global interest in the Chinese markets as liberalisation gains momentum. “In the next couple of years, the market will be further opened at a faster pace. We also believe that during this time of volatility, a product with innovation, new technology, application and efficiency will be welcomed by the marketplace,” Cho noted.

The official global launch of the CapitalVue Financial Terminal was marked by an exhibition and product demonstration at the 7th Annual Asia Pacific Financial Information Conference held last week in Hong Kong. The company has also been directly marketing the product to clients globally following a nine-month trial period during which the terminal was made available to 40-50 users globally.

“We are planning to set up operations in the US, likely in New York, and we are also in very close discussions with partners in Europe,” he said.

The company plans to add Chinese and Japanese language content, as well as new applications, including high frequency ones, to cater for a broader base of users. “New applications are the focus of our coming development. Other applications to do forecasting will be introduced shortly,” Cho added.

Author: Jill Wong