Cboe selects Broadway Technology as infrastructure provider for new interdealer US treasuries platform

Broadway will provide Cboe full-service co-location, cloud hosting and system oversight to improve the trading experience on Cboe’s new trading platform.

Cboe has selected Broadway Technology to become the infrastructure service provider for its new interdealer US treasuries trading platform.

Announced in November 2021, the new platform – Cboe Fixed Income – is the exchange group’s first move into fixed income. The dealer-to-dealer electronic trading platform claims to be the first ever full amount trading platform for on-the-run US treasuries trading meaning any incoming marketable order will trade in full against one counterparty.

It leverages Cboe’s matching protocol, consolidating streaming quotes from dealers into a single best price at each desired volume level to offer users “curated liquidity”.

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Broadway will provide Cboe Fixed Income with full-service co-location, cloud hosting and system oversight to improve its trading experience.

The pair said in selecting Broadway, Cboe can leverage the firm’s fixed income expertise in managing trading systems targeted at this asset class which could improve overall efficiency, cost and time to market.

“Broadway’s team and technology are renowned and respected throughout the fixed income industry and they bring years of experience as an infrastructure service provider,” said Robert Siverson, director, FX and US treasuries product management at Cboe Global Markets.

“By bringing in Broadway, we believe we are ensuring that clients using our new treasuries trading platform will enjoy the same seamless trading experience that they have come to expect on Cboe’s other trading platforms.”