Convergex deploys The OptionEyes platform for equity and options portfolios

The OptionEyes platform uses OMS technology to give traders flexibility for equity and options portfolios.

Convergex has entered into an exclusive license agreement with The OptionEyes technology platform, to help its clients trade positions in options or equity portfolios.

The OptionEyes platform uses order management system (OMS) technology and gives traders flexibility in how they view, trade and manage risk.

It can scan the marketplace for opportunities according to pre-set strategies and also includes a volatility management infrastructure.

Executive managing director of options trading and technology at Convergex, Ben Londergan, explained the software will allow Convergex to add value for its clients.

He said it will add value for users who are “responsible for managing large portfolios of positions and who want to employ a more streamlined approach to their trading and risk management.”

Convergex said it anticipates the platform will be fully integrated by January 2017.