CQG to launch new comprehensive suite of execution technologies

The new suite builds upon the infrastructure of software assets that CQG acquired from Blue Trading Systems in June last year as well as technology CQG has developed recently.

Technology solutions provider CQG has launched a comprehensive suite of execution technologies designed to give market participants new tools to improve upon efficiencies and to achieve optimal trade execution.

The new suite focuses particularly on large and complex order types and builds upon the infrastructure of software assets that CQG acquired from Blue Trading Systems (BTS) in June 2020.

In addition, the suite leverages technology that CQG has recently developed, with the aim of providing smart trade execution opportunities for buy- and sell-side firms that can improve pricing, building visibility in aggregating different markets and allowing large firms to match client orders in a manner that meets regulatory requirements.

Kevin Darby, vice president of execution technologies at CQG and formerly co-founder of BTS, will lead the new Execution Technologies business unit, after joining CQG last year to lead the integration of the software.

“The Execution Technologies suite gives buy-side institutions such as hedge funds, large insurance companies, and commercial hedging operations that utilise the industry’s biggest banks and brokerage firms the ability to execute large, complex orders as efficiently as if they were trading a handful of contracts,” said Ryan Moroney, president of CQG.

“We have also further strengthened capabilities for the professional trading community reflecting the myriad sophisticated order types they want to employ.”

CQG’s new offering is available through multiple platforms including CQG Integrate Client, CQG Desktop and several other CQG-supported application programming interfaces (APIs).

All interested clients can now access several components available on the suite including CQG Algos, a set of pre-built algorithmic order types; Custom Algo, a software development kit that allows user to mix and match CQG Algos with their own custom C++ algorithms; and Algo API, a client-side interface used to control and compose server-side algorithms running inside of Custom Algo SDK.

In addition, clients can access AlgoAnalytics, Internalisation Engine and Server-side Aggregation, which are all components on the new suite.

CQG plans to introduce further components later this year and in 2022, including additional algorithmic order types for multi-leg futures trading and a suite of options algorithms.

Lastly, an updated version of the firm’s existing functionality, CQG Spreader 2.0, is expected to be added to the components list available to clients in the near future.

“Our core technology for CQG Algos facilitates ultra-low latency access to markets with an emphasis on strong, lightning-fast analytics, as well as flexible, reliable algorithms,” said Darby.

“Through novel implementation of order types, we’re able to deliver high-quality fills with the goal of reducing implicit trading costs and market impact involved in accumulating a listed derivatives position for buy-side firms. The SDK allows us to partner with long-time clients like proprietary trading groups for high-value trading strategies, while respecting the sanctity of their intellectual property.”