CZ Capital, TMX, BM&F Bovespa and more…

London-based long/short hedge fund manager CZ Capital has implemented technology provider Paladyne Systems' FastStart, as its fully-hosted front- to back-office solution.
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CZ Capital using Palaydne for trading

London-based long/short hedge fund manager CZ Capital has implemented technology provider Paladyne Systems' FastStart, as its fully-hosted front- to back-office solution.

CZ Capital is using FastStart for electronic trading and order management, pre- and post-trade compliance, real-time profit and loss monitoring, portfolio management, daily reconciliation and firm-wide reporting.

FastStart is offered as a fully-hosted application service provider solution together with managed IT services, 24/7 technical and product support, hardware, product upgrades and quality assurance, market data infrastructure and disaster recovery.

“CZ reflects a clear need in Europe for more comprehensive technology and higher service levels, as well as a trend towards application service provider solutions,” said Sameer Shalaby, CEO of Paladyne, adding that the firm has recently expanded its London office and European data centre facility to support client demand for the hosted platform.

Paladyne is headquartered in New York, with offices in New Jersey, London, Russia and Hong Kong.

Redline offers Canadian data

Trading technology provider Redline Trading solutions has begun the first phase of adding support for feeds of data from Canadian markets to its InRush ticker plant, with a feed handler for Canadian exchange group TMX's QuantumFeed low-latency equities data feed.

The firm will release the TMX QuantumFeed handler this week; beta testing with clients in TMX's test environment began in January.

Redline has stated that it expects initial demand to come from banks wanting to use the ticker plant to support high-frequency trading, as well as firms that want data to support smart order routing between multiple venues, which would require connectivity to data from other markets in Canada.

The company ultimately aims to provide support for the full set of Canadian market feeds, though it has not yet provided specific details. Redline will handle sales and support functions from the US, where the firm already has experience of building feed handlers for US markets.

BM&F Bovespa data available via SpryWare

Low-latency market data provider SpryWare is offering access to Brazilian exchange BM&F Bovespa's new unified market data feed.

The SpryWare market information platform provides single digit microsecond latency feed handlers capable of processing 10 million-plus messages per second per server. The product aims to process market data with the lowest latency and highest capacity while maintaining the smallest possible hardware footprint.

Designed as a fully managed ”ticker plant in a box', the Brazil feed handler is available on both Microsoft and Linux operating systems.

The new BM&F Bovespa feed uses FIX/FAST protocol and is included with the latest version of the SpryWare market information server.

Tervela partners with Tradeweb

Tervela, a New York-based data systems provider, will provide online fixed income and derivatives market Tradeweb with an enhanced messaging layer to integrate into its existing electronic trading infrastructure.

Tervela aims to improve the reliability, performance and cost efficiency of infrastructures that require high-speed movement of data across business environments. Tradeweb is using Tervela to address information distribution across its network of electronic fixed income and derivatives trading customers.

The messaging platform will provide Tradeweb with hardware appliances, low-latency performance, support for flexible message schemas and an application programming interface that will help clients connecting to the network in established and emerging markets.