Deutsche Boerse develops data feed for Xetra

CEF ultra+ Xetra Order by Order offers granular data on the Xetra order book.

Deutsche Boerse has launched a new market data feed to provide further insight into its Xetra order book.

CEF ultra+ Xetra Order by Order provides a high performance data feed for users at low latency with granular information on all trading instruments, said Deutsche Boerse.

The data includes un-netted order-by-order public market data, full order book depth, product and instrument state information as well as quote and cross requests.

Hartmut Graf, head of data services at Deutsche Boerse, explained the new feed was developed for the exchange group’s algo community, whose strategies and processes are based on speed and the completeness of information.

“The granular data is particularly beneficial for buy- and sell-side customers, whose algorithms monitor trading processes.

“By processing highly detailed information on individual orders, these algorithms support trading decisions,” he added.

In February, Deutsche Boerse confirmed it will close its dark pool Xetra MidPoint in summer this year, in favour of a new system ahead of MiFID II’s large-in-scale waiver.

“Xetra MidPoint today supports dark trading for all trade sizes. With the volume thresholds of 4% and 8% in the reference price waiver we see limited potential for this transparency waiver.

“That’s why we will no longer offer MidPoint after our technology upgrade to a new system in summer 2017. We trust that our existing auction mechanism as well as our Volume Discovery Order from 2018 onwards are viable options to execute large-in-scale orders under MiFID II,” a spokesperson said at the time.