Deutsche Börse, London Stock Exchange, Cinnober and more…

Deutsche Börse is preparing to expand its global network in the next few months, in preparation for the introduction of the new Eurex derivatives trading system in December 2012.

Deutsche Börse sets out connectivity expansion ahead of Eurex upgrade 

Deutsche Börse is preparing to expand its global network in the next few months, in preparation for the introduction of the new Eurex derivatives trading system in December 2012.

Under the expansion, Amsterdam, Frankfurt/Main, London, Paris and Zurich will be linked via 10 gigabit per second (Gbps) connections. The links to other locations in Europe, the USA and Asia will be upgraded to 1Gbps. The expansion started in early February and is due to be completed in Q4 2012.

“After having successfully introduced our global trading infrastructure at our US options market International Securities Exchange, we are now taking the next logical step in Europe,” said Michael Kuhn, Deutsche Börse’s chief information officer. “Our global customers will benefit from the expansion of our high-speed network. At the same time we are laying the foundations for our company’s further growth.”

Google to provide real-time London Stock Exchange data  

The London Stock Exchange Group (LSE) has signed a data licence agreement with Google to allow it to distribute real-time ‘last trade price’ data free of charge. Users of Google will be able to access London Stock Exchange and Borsa Italiana real-time trading data that was previously only available with a 15-minute delay.

The LSE said it aims to make its data as accessible as possible to retail investors around the world. Users will see Level 1 trading data in real-time.

“Since the launch of Google Finance in 2006, we have worked hard to provide Google users with the best financial information,” said Maxim Edelman, strategic partnerships at Google. “The addition of real-time quotes from the London Stock Exchange and Borsa Italiana will enable our users to better monitor market changes, manage their portfolios and track economic and financial developments in Europe.”

German asset manager opts for Orc Trading tools 

Frankfurt am Main-based independent brokerage and corporate finance firm Renell Wertpapierhandelsbank has chosen an Orc Trading solution, provided by financial technology services vendor Orc Group.

Orc will provide tools and connectivity for Renell to establish bonds trading on Euronext. Orc Trading is used by financial firms for enhanced trading, pricing and risk management on electronically traded derivatives.

“Looking to widen the reach of our activities into new geographical areas, we were impressed by the support Orc provided and the competence demonstrated during a business-sensitive phase,” said Marc Renell, managing director, Renell Wertpapierhandelsbank. “Orc offers a distinct advantage through a flexible solution that is unmatched in its global reach combined with options for local adaptation.”

Cinnober releases “world’s fastest” real-time index engine.  

Cinnober, a provider of trading, market data, risk management and clearing technology, has launched its TRADExpress Index Engine, which it claims is the fastest real-time index engine in the world.

The product is designed to permit exchanges to rapidly develop new indices to fit their markets and attract new business.

The Index Engine is a standalone product that connects to market data feeds or even directly to feeds from different trading venues, and then calculates and disseminates the indices in real time after each update. Plug-ins for calculations and corporate actions are available, such as for price-weighted indices and market cap-weighted indices.

“The performance of our new ultra-speed Index Engine is measured in microseconds without impinging on system availability or scalability,” said Nils-Robert Persson, executive chairman. “This makes it ideal for customers concerned about agility and service levels in an increasingly competitive climate.”

TRADExpress is due for its first delivery at the Stock Exchange of Thailand, where Cinnober is slated to deliver the exchange’s trading, market data and surveillance systems.

GATElab partners with Solarflare for HFT technology offerings 

Electronic trading systems provider GATElab and Solarflare, a provider of 10 gigabit ethernet networking software and hardware, have started a business solutions partnership based on ultra-low latency and high-frequency trading.

“We are very excited to partner with Solarflare, as the company’s high-performance products align nicely with our solutions to address our customers’ needs for ever quicker trading solutions,” said Stefano Falciani, managing director of GATElab. “Our clients desire customised solutions to address their requirements for ultra-low latency trading solutions.”

Solarflare provides networking products that bridge the gap between applications and the networks they use. GATElab offers brokerage trading platforms as well as proprietary ones.