Eris Exchange to launch margin savings analysis tech tool

Tool will allow users to analyse savings on margins when replacing OTC swaps with Eris Swap Futures.

Eris Exchange is to launch a tool that allows users to analyse savings on margins, by replacing OTC swaps with Eris Swaps Futures.

The tool – which is powered by Cassini Systems – identifies portfolios on Eris Swap Futures that can generate savings of up to 50% on initial margins, Eris Exchange said.

Users submit sample portfolios of OTC interest rate swaps, and Cassini’s analytics tool will generate a report outlining a portfolio of “margin efficient Eris positions.”

Neal Brady, CEO at Eris Exchange, said clearing firms and end users are turning to Eris Swap Futures in response to the “escalating costs of trading OTC swaps.”

He describes the tool as “a powerful tool to quantify margin benefits of migrating positions from OTC swaps to Eris Swap Futures.”

Discussing the launch and partnership between Eris and Cassini Systems, managing director at Absolute Derivatives, Steven Griffiths, said the analysis “illustrates the margin savings achievable when replacing OTC swaps with Eris Swap Futures.”