First women-owned bond platform to launch in US

Following a large investment, OpenDoor Trading are set to launch the first women-owned bond trading platform.

The first majority women-owned and controlled bond trading platform is set to launch in the US.

OpenDoor Trading will use a recent $10 million investment to launch the platform, described as an “innovative all-to-all trading platform for off-the-run treasuries and TIPS.”

Co-founder Susan Estes – who has worked for Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank in the past - and other female investors, now control more than 65% of the voting interest at OpenDoor.

The platform will allow “discreet trading sessions with a variety of protocols to match the needs of end-users, and improve liquidity in the systemically important US treasury market.”

Estes explained OpenDoor will provide a source of liquidity to off-the-run US treasury and TIPS trading.

She added: “It has only been possible to get to this stage – and address the most significant pain points within a new market structure – because of consistent input from participants.”

The launch of the trading platform is set for later this year.