FlexTrade unveils augmented reality trading technology

New technology will provide a more interactive order blotter and trade charting.

FlexTrade Systems has launched an augmented trading application, known as FlexAR, for its execution management system (EMS).

The technology will provide an interactive order blotter, trade ticket and charting in the virtual space.

Traders will be able to see and interact with the markets in a completely unique manner, FlexTrade said.

FlexAR will also introduce interactive alerting and three-dimensional basket visualisation alongside its FlexTRADER blotter tool.

The firm said it had initially explored virtual reality trading, but the feedback was that fully immersive headsets were too overwhelming and shut-off real-world events.

“With the advent of the ‘Microsoft HoloLens’ augmented reality headset, we found a good middle ground, bringing virtual trading into the real world,” said Andy Mahoney, business development director at FlexTrade.

He added: “With consumer technology evolving at such a rapid pace, we are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ways to improve trading.”