FMSB announces first candidates for boardroom mentoring scheme

The programme, which aims to offer candidates practical boardroom experience to assist with obtaining boardroom roles, has selected female candidates from LSEG and JP Morgan as the first participants.  

Niki Beattie

The Financial Markets Standards Board (FMSB) today launched its pilot mentoring programme to give members of the financial community direct boardroom experience, The TRADE can reveal.  

“This is a new initiative for 2023 where successful candidates will spend a year gaining practical boardroom experience to assist them with attaining a nonexecutive board role in the future,” said FMSB chair Mark Yallop.  

FMSB identified Sabina Liu, the head of equities trading sales at the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) and Emma Mangan, newly appointed merchant and card European head of technology at JP Morgan, as the first participants, after a successful interview process.  

Liu is also the global co-chair of LSEG’s women’s network WIN, influencing and shaping diversity and inclusion in the workplace and the financial services industry. She started the mentoring programme in January 2023. 

“Sabina and Emma will see the work of the Board first-hand during a 12-month period and gain practical insight into the workings and decision-making processes of the FMSB Limited Board and its committees,” said Yallop. “They will be mentored by FMSB’s non-executive directors and, importantly, they will enrich our own Board discussion with their expertise and perspectives.” 

Non-executive director (NED) Niki Beattie, said: “Diversity and inclusion starts from the top of the organisation. By creating this programme, FMSB hopes to bring diverse perspectives to our own Board and to grow diverse talent that will bring positive changes to other businesses at the Board level. This programme will help candidates gain corporate governance experience, enabling them to take their first step to become NEDs. 

FMSB chief executive officer, Myles McGuinness, added: “This programme is highly pragmatic in its approach to improving diversity of thought in the boardroom. I know we will gain as much from the insights of our participants in this programme as they gain from us and look forward to working with our Board and Sabina and Emma.”  

The FMSB Board mentoring programme expects to operate on an annual basis, and the opportunity to participate in the programme in 2024 will be made available to interested parties in early 2024.