Greenline, IPC, Nasdaq OMX and more…

DirectEdge is using Greenline Financial Technology’s VeriFIX solution to test messaging protocols.

Direct Edge adopts Greenline’s testing solution

DirectEdge is using Greenline Financial Technology’s VeriFIX solution to test messaging protocols.

According to Greenline, a CameronTec Company providing electronic trading tools, Direct Edge has shortened its testing timelines, reduced costs and increased efficiencies since adopting VeriFIX.

Direct Edge, an American stock exchange offering displayed markets, is using VeriFIX to test both FIX Protocol and 11 proprietary protocols, allowing for shorter test cycles and quicker turnaround times.

“The Direct Edge and Greenline partnership continues to be instrumental in providing us with quick time to market capabilities and improved quality assurance of our FIX protocol and proprietary protocol environments as well as our GUI based applications,” Saro Jahani, chief information officer for Direct Edge, said.

“Our quality assurance team and Greenline Professional services continue to raise our automation capabilities and now include component level testing and a state of the art test run reporting and results analysis engine.”

IPC appoints Neil Gray as vide president of product marketing

Neil Gray has joined IPC Systems as vice president of product marketing in the company’s trading communications solutions division.

Gray, who has 20 years experience launching new products, has worked with IPC before, having sold Purple Voice, a Microsoft operating system that provided intercom and broadcasts to desktops in financial trading houses, to the company in 2003.

In his new London-based role at IPC, he will be responsible for charting IPC’s future product strategy and engaging with costumers and potential partners. Gray will lead the team creating new IPC products to enable financial institutions to manage high profile issues including compliance, mobility/bring-your-own-device, and end-user productivity.

“I am really excited to be rejoining IPC and collaborating with this team of innovators,” Gray said. “I’m energised by the company’s fantastic mix of strong market position, strategic assets that others in the industry can only dream of, and helping them realise their strategic vision.”

Kensho picks NASDAQ OMX FinQloud to build platform

Kenshō will become the first professional-grade analytics platform built completely on NASDAQ’s cloud platform, OMX FinQloud.

Kenshō, a provider of data analytics for investment managers and research analysts, is building tools to allow financial professionals to ask and answer hard questions about global events and their effects on securities prices.

The solution provider picked FinQloud because of cost efficiency, scalability and capabilities for Kenshō’s data analytics.

Consumer technology companies have put enormous power in the hands of all of us, and we at Kenshō believe it's time to bring that power to the financial workplace,” Daniel Nadler, co-founder and CEO of Kenshō, said.

“Kenshō's statistical computing and financial risk analysis applications are providing the next generation terminal in the cloud.”

Kenshō currently has over 3,000 using its pre-beta tools, and launched its first professional product in November. Its tools allow clients to stress-test portfolios, explore and test investment ideas.

Eze expands futures connectivity with CQG

Eze Software has made CQG’s Continuum order routing network available through its electronic execution platform, Realtick EMS.

The integration will provide Realtick EMS users with access to futures exchanges in 50 markets and 100 futures commission merchants.

Bud Daleiden, managing director and head of business development for RealTick EMS at Eze Software Group, said: “We are always looking for new ways to enhance our industry-leading products, and are excited to offer our clients more connectivity and flexibility than ever before for direct exchange routing of futures and options.”

The service will enable an order to be input via Realtick and routed to CQG’s network directly to brokers and exchanges that are connected.

Verdande provides market surveillance for IEX

New US equities trading venue IEX had adopted Vedande Technology’s VTEdge platform for its trading surveillance activity.

Vendande’s case-based reasoning system provides the exchange with predictive analysis of business and market-impacting events, including outages, before they happen to enable better decisions to be made.

The system monitors unstructured data patters in real-time and can compare them with historical data to identify problems and manage situations. IEX will use it as an early warning system to prevent infrastructure glitches.

“Given the complexity in today’s systems, we need to know how to recover from system failures. Verdande has brought to market a disruptive idea that has never truly been executed well: signal processing via Complex Event Processing (CEP) to understand patterns and deviations from the norm.” said Zoran Perkov, Head of Technology Operations at IEX.