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Portfolio WebBench SupportEmail: pwbsupport@barclays.comTel: +1 212 526 0887

Portfolio WebBench is a broker-neutral, web-based execution analytics toolkit focused on global equity portfolios. It offers insight into every stage of the investment process, from portfolio construction to post-trade analysis, using real-time and historical analyses. It covers pre-, intra-, and post-trade TCA tools for equities and exchange-traded products across the Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific. Clients can analyse their parent orders and child executions. Clients will have the ability to set up standardised feeds to analyse executions across brokers and execution venues in the near future.


Slippage can be measured relative to multiple
benchmarks including, interval VWAP, arrival price, open, close, previous
close, full day VWAP, and different participation-weighted prices.

Reporting & consultancy

Reports can be delivered in a variety of formats
(.pdf, .xls, .csv) on demand, intra-day or at predefined intervals, via a
variety of channels (web, ftp, email, etc) and can be configured by different
traders within the same organisation. Barclays advises clients on long-term
strategy usage as well as performance analyses in the context of investment
objectives. It also helps clients analyse their flow at various stages in the
life cycle of the trade.

Pre-trade analysis

WebBench provides a set of pre-trade analytics including access to auction
data, construction and rebalancing optimisation tools, market impact cost
estimates, fundamental and statistical risk factor analysis, optimal hedging
strategy creation, liquidity screening, optimal trade scheduling, real-time
single stock and portfolio performance analysis and streamlined risk bids.

Future plans

Barclays has been proactive in industry efforts to
standardise broker data feeds and FIX tags and has developed a robust framework
to handle cross-broker TCA.