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Bloomberg — EMSX

Bloomberg — EMSX

EMSX is a multi-asset trading platform, integrating Bloomberg exchange and broker data with global equity, futures and options orders, including options on futures. EMSX supports algorithmic, direct market access, program, cash and dark pool trading. It lets traders send order details to accounting and back office systems and access real time execution reports, facilitating the trade settlement process and post trade analysis.


The system has more than 12,400 users globally: 33%
Americas, 42% EMEA, 25% Asia-Pacific. Within Asia, around 30% are Hong
Kong-based, 20% in Japan and Singapore, 8% in Australia, 5% in Malaysia, and
the rest spread throughout China, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, New Zealand,
Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Connectivity and functionality

Bloomberg’s global FIX network connects to over 600
broker-dealer destinations in the Asia-Pacific region, enabling the firm to
connect clients to broker algorithms, sales/cash desks, smart order routers,
broker direct market access offerings, and dark pools.

Sourcing options

Bloomberg is an application service provider

Pre- and post-trade analytics

EMSX has a real-time blotter with multiple re-trade
visual chart and column analytics, as well as integration with Bloomberg transaction
cost analysis functions. Post-trade fields are available in the blotter, as
well as integration with dedicated post-trade reporting and outlier management
product, BTCA. Execution reports can also be generated from EMSX.

Future plans

Bloomberg plans to increase capacity and decrease latency globally via machine localisation, enhancing the GUI, adding support for FIX ATDL and adding support for fixed income.