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Bloomberg Tradebook

Bloomberg Tradebook

Gary StoneEmail: gstone2@bloomberg.netTel: +1 212 617 2297

Geography and asset classes

Tradebook offers algorithms in spot FX, listed futures and listed US equity options.
Futures algos are available with direct access in 35 markets in the Americas, Europe
and Asia. FX algos are available in 47 currency pairs, and US listed equity
options are available solely in the US. Demand spans hedge funds, sell-side
firms and long-only buy-side institutions.


Trading strategies and benchmarks

algorithmic strategies supported by Bloomberg Tradebook include time-weighted average
price (TWAP) for futures, options and FX, volume participation
algos for futures (Go-Along and VIP), spreader for futures, allocation macro algos
for futures, FX and options, volume-weighted average price algos for futures
and FX, and IF DONE, IF DONE OCO and AS DONE OCO for futures and FX.

addition, US options algos include the following single leg strategies: TWAP;
simultaneous multiple-venue posting; PegTo Bid/Ask; PegTo volatility; smart tools
(Display/Reserve, Discretion, etc). Multi-leg strategies include spread legging (up
to 4 legs); spread legging with dynamic delta; spread legging pegged to volatility;
simultaneous multiple-venue posting to five exchange order books and smart
tools (Display/Reserve, Discretion).


Access and functionality

Clients can
access Bloomberg Tradebook algorithms through the front-end interface on the
Bloomberg Professional service as well as on most major third-party order
management system products. Algos available on Tradebook are also available via
API and direct computerto computer interface access.

Tradebook algos for US options offer single leg strategies with DMA to nine US options
exchanges, and multileg strategies with DMA to five exchange order books as
well as spread legging DMA access to all US equity and option exchanges. For
futures, spreading between instruments on different exchanges requires smart
order routing.


Pre-and post-trade reporting

All trades
can be monitored in real time through asset class specific blotters. For US options,
access to all pre-, during, and post-trade analytics is available on the
Bloomberg Professional service and integration with Tradebook trade activity monitors.

Future developments

Tradebook plans to add more customizable multi-led spread creation and trading
algorithms in the next 12 months.