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BondDesk Group — BondWorks and BondDesk ATS

BondDesk Group — BondWorks and BondDesk ATS

The BondWorks Fixed Income Wealth Management Platform and BondDesk ATS support the screening, selection and trading of all fixed income asset classes including corporates, municipals, agencies, treasuries, credit default swaps, collateralised mortgage obligations, mortgage backed securities, asset backed securities, reserve convertibles, structured notes and credit default swaps. There are over 150,000 offerings on the platform each day.


The BondDesk ATS is most commonly accessed through
the web-based BondWorks Wealth Management Platform but also via FIX connections
and proprietary APIs for participants who want to connect their own trading
systems directly.

Pre- and post-trade analytics

Pre-trade analytical capabilities include price
transparency tools, what-if calculators and sophisticated portfolio reporting,
analysis and restructuring tools. Post-trade compliance and best execution
tools monitor for price or mark-up exceptions.


Participants primarily represent the retail side of
the US market however institutional participation in the BondDesk ATS has
increased by 30% in 2012. Over 105,000 financial advisors from national,
regional and independent broker-dealers access the platform where 175+ dealers
compete for their orders. Additional participants include private wealth
management groups, trust banks and self-directed investors.

Future plans

BondWorks will continue to evolve its portfolio
management and pre-trade compliance capabilities including the monitoring,
alerting and identification/disclosure of material events. The BondDesk ATS
will continue to build connectivity to third party OMS and middleware
providers, further enhance the bid wanted auction process and provide
participants with more flexibility in how they price their offerings.