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Calypso Technology

Calypso Technology

Calypso offers comprehensive collateral management for all cross-asset cleared and bilateral trades including agreement management, margin call management (calculation, call workflow, notifications, approvals, dispute management, forward projections), interest management, cash flow loading, inventory management and optimisation.

It is capable of managing all collateral types: cash (multi-currency) and securities (both bonds and equities). It supports trading in all asset classes FX/MM, depos & loans, fixed income, commodities, equities, securities lending, repo, exchange-traded and OTC derivatives.


service provides comprehensive OTC central clearing capability covering
interest rate swaps (IRS), overnight index swaps (OIS), zero coupon swaps,
single currency basis swaps, variable notional swaps, forward rate agreement
(FRA) and FX non-deliverable forwards.

Trade processing includes account configuration, fee
management, trade message processing, settlements and payments, operations and
settlements. Calypso performs both end-of-day and intraday processing including
central counterparty (CCP) end of day file downloads and processing, regulatory
reports, intraday allocations, substitutions and margin calls. The system
calculates OTC margins, risk and limits; it also performs collateral management
for CCP clearing. Interfaces include CME, LCH.Clearnet and ICE.

Calypso performs collateral transformation for high-to-low
and low-to-high grade transformations. Transformation trades can be maintained
on a segregated or omnibus basis.

Transaction lifecycle support

The system
offers full derivatives transaction lifecycle from front-to-back-office for all
exchange-traded and OTC instruments including pricing, position keeping, desk
level risk (Greeks etc), hedging, valuations, confirmations, trade matching,
settlement and payment, cash management, corporate actions and accounting.


Calypso Technology’s Professional Services group operates globally and conducts full implementation, working alongside client staff and third-party systems integrators.