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Cloud MarginEmail: info@cloudmargin.comTel: +44 (0) 20 3397 5670

CloudMargin is an affordable collateral and margin management tool for the buy-side combining sophisticated functionality with user simplicity. Exploiting the efficiencies of the latest developments in cloud computing it is able to offer buy-side participants a full-featured solution at a low cost.


supports the end-to-end OTC collateral process, including; maintenance of
credit support annexes (CSAs) and other collateral agreements, calculation of
margin calls based on daily swap valuations, re- valued collateral positions
and the CSA parameters, and communications with counterparts for calls and

Additionally, it offers fulfillment of margin calls from
available inventory positions, eligibility and haircut checking as part of
agreeing collateral movements and more.

CloudMargin manages both the initial and variation margin
obligations for centrally cleared derivatives with clearing brokers, as well as
managing the settlement of clearing house and clearing member fees. CloudMargin
handles the complexity of differing eligibility schedules for initial margin
and variation margin.

The service features a flexible reporting package that includes
a standard suite of core reports and can also provide custom reports based on a
client’s specific requirements.

Transaction lifecycle support

CloudMargin does not manage derivative lifecycle
events but manages the full collateral lifecycle. It interfaces with settlement
systems to instruct collateral movements and can source valuations from
third-parties for those clients looking to automate that process.


The CloudMargin implementation process is designed
to require little or no IT resource from clients. It offers a choice of simple
and secure data upload and file transfer methods to clients and the
implementation can be completed in a matter of days and at nominal cost to the

Full user support is provided throughout business operational
hours in all time zones.